Where we originate from

Where we germinate from

Where we start from

Whom are we going to get these answers from?


Answers, Answers, is what we seek

Asian, African, American, even a Greek!

Into the polka-dotted History heart we sneak in

Heavy blows and slaps we take in


Look left.  Now look right

Tell me, what is in sight?

Darkest shadows cruise in the darkest night

Adaptation leads you to become a knight

Hold my hand. Let me lead you to the light.


WHY? WHY? WHY? We ask

When its dawn; WHY can’t it be dusk?

Such an ugly face; WHY can’t you find a mask?

WHY is teenage hood hell of a task?


We want, we get, we want more

We dig deep into fantasy till our strands of reality get sore

The cookie jar we lust for; but true love? Oh that one we adore!

Three strangers knocking at our door

What are they here for?

Whatever you are, love it to the core

For, we are who we are

-Kelvin Mark Mwangi