Voice of A Refugee #Poetry

All is lost within my possession

No shoulder to lean on

No place to lie on when I want to

Escape into the world of dreams.

Nothing is left for me in this reality

The world is blind to our pain

And deaf to our unceasing sorrow.



-RedArt by Kelvin >



Igniting African poetry!


Hi guys… I’m here again and this time I’m talking about poetry, specifically African Poetry. this is africa

Poetry is a quality of beauty and intensity of emotions. Poetry in Africa encompasses the wide variety of traditions arising from Africa’s 55 countries and from evolving trends within different literary genres. It is a large and complex subject, partly because of Africa’s original linguistic diversity but primarily because of the devastating effect of slavery and colonization, which resulted in English, Portuguese and French, as well as Creole or pidgin versions of these European languages, being spoken and written by Africans across the continent.poetry way

Since the 1960s, political, economic, and cultural events have begun to shape African poetry. Gone are the days when the shades of colonialism were an unending preoccupation of African poets. In modern African poetry, works that focus on the healing and purging of the country and families have dominated African poetry…

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Now you are gone

Our chords gradually slackening

Our flame taking to its last dance

The ember  glows with a riverflow of memories

A strong  mist presence colonizes my eyes

Visions of the past blurring into a mirage.


My engine comes to life as I unlock the garage door

Recovering from wounds of pain,

The wheels to my car start beeping on the tarmac like a hospital monitor

Little care given to anything else

But just speed to gain

Hoping the glow would smoulder into a new flame.


-redART by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.