I follow rules as to how they are set

Such as enjoying a beautiful sunset

But my soul is slow-paced

Always getting lost in this love maze


View the world differently

Tackle each mistake separately


Elevate yourself and gain perspective

Gain red perspective


Red art perspective

Friends in my life playing detective

Choosing  a girl for me as if she were an elective


Allow yourself to change thoughts from time to time

Even though sunsets are your favorite times,

Sunrises are not that bad.


 I need a bud

Get lifted like a bird.


Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi



I made a conscious choice to pierce my ears

I should have anticipated the shocking reaction from my peers

“Dude! I would never do that to my ears!”

Condemnation and damnation of my soul is all I could hear

Oh me, oh my, I found myself pierced by fear.


Let us talk about fear

I once had a friend named Priya

She had sexual relations with her friend named Cynthia

How Priya wished she could keep Cynthia near……

Problem is; they lived in a country named India

They could not express their passion here, there nor here!

Succumbing to fear, they exiled themselves to Virginia.


No one I know has more tattoos than Tom

Funny how he is the darkest being back at home.

So Tom once met a white lady named Selorm.

They had an instant connection and love begun to form.

Selorm decided to take Tom back at home in Rome

Shockingly, Tom was welcomed with a chrome to his dome

Just because he is black, and Africa is where he is from.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi