Till my extinction, I will be your defender

United, we will make the Universe surrender

A bullet to any soul that tries to lay us asunder

I am the Angel of Death and you are my sender

Bring judgement upon them all for their entire blunder

Wonder and wander, refugees spared to meander

Gifted with fertility, Africa you are the gander

My soul is a plain field and you are the conqueror.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi



I notice him by the corner of my swollen black eye

A skinny South African hunter soars in the air so high

Sigh ….

Damn it!! This is steel-hard to deny.

We shared a few laughs him and I

Only to turn around and he sucks my crimson red blood dry.


“Oh being a Kenyan?” let me try

He sneered in a nifty voice ever more sly

A wicked kleptomaniac southern soul always with the pry.

Day and night always in hot pursuit to witness me cry.


My oh my……my oh my….

Transparency? No!! He won’t comply

Generosity? No!! He won’t comply

Loyalty? DO you think he would comply?

Of course he won’t comply!


Every time his foul mouth inquires; my two red hot guns desire to reply!

Break it down.. Crush it…this is one algebraic equation I want to simplify

Apparently Miss AllSunday thinks I want it to be rectified

So  that is her preference and WHY?

Does she not notice that I am not to be objectified?

……boiling anger got my eyes all mystified

I should have ended the masked man’s blue life during the braai!!




Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.

dear MAMA. (Maria Wahu Mwangi.)

My heart sings in praise and jubilation

As I ponder and cogitate over your supremacy

Real love is what you sprinkle over the world with.

I share so many exciting memories of you

As I move forward chasing after the light.


What did I do to deserve such

A pure soul-guider as you?

Heaven is my witness…

U will always be adored and loved by my heart.


My well fostered  soul is an exhibition  of your adoration

Who is more beautiful than my strong, proud….

African woman full of phenomenal care and devotion towards friends and foes alike?

Nature honors her as the paragon of unpolluted love.

Grand or adverse times; now and Tomorrow

I will never axe you mother.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi