I follow rules as to how they are set

Such as enjoying a beautiful sunset

But my soul is slow-paced

Always getting lost in this love maze


View the world differently

Tackle each mistake separately


Elevate yourself and gain perspective

Gain red perspective


Red art perspective

Friends in my life playing detective

Choosing  a girl for me as if she were an elective


Allow yourself to change thoughts from time to time

Even though sunsets are your favorite times,

Sunrises are not that bad.


 I need a bud

Get lifted like a bird.


Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi



Clench the painting brush like a spoon

Carol’s portrait is expected soon

Bosom tighter than inflated Turkish balloons

Not seen such a dame in five moons

Why blame her? She was born in June.


The teacher arrives at noon

His face identical to a baboon.

“What is this?” he drops his signature tune

His breathe similar to that of a raccoon

Whether you are a Rock, Osei, Kel or snow white; no one is immune

To the big black blind cartoon

“Wish he dies out in the moon.”

Thoughts of Goofy the Goon

Named  EL. Kun

For the love of rhymes- Kelvin Mark Mwangi




A million steps in a million years

A star has travelled through the million constellations

From a faraway omniverse.

Unknown to a million advanced species

Equipped with just but one agenda…

This is the story of the legendary gander.


Its 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon

A raggedy boy is unsophisticatedly strolling on the dark, cold moon

He is expected to fondle with the seemingly gigantic moon.

The master of his destiny will be questioning his essence soon.

The abyss will swallow him whole if he ventures as a goon.

Lover to Randi; her ravishing beauty only compared to Marilyn Monroe, the toon.


This crooked metal came to find a Ruby.

Ruby so enchanting and melodious that it sent him feeling all groovy

One sweet stroke, one undoubted glance into Ruby’s soul made him feel all soothy.

Mountains and meandering rivers plotted attacks to steal his precious…

What the hell, they had succeeded in his previous

Yet one short Rocky hill stands by his side so boldly.

He protects his ruby so fondly…

Quincy Rodgers, James and Hassan want a feel so badly.


He is unsure of how to treat her…

You see he has never harboured such affection in his barbaric heart before

Unknowingly, he spits litters of acid and even more.

“Should I go? Should I stay?” The polished ruby is unsure

A hideous self animated alligator roars

Jealousy and hatred infiltrates their meadow, as the devil soars

A once pure love is mouthed whole by two ebony boars

A once planet Jupiter splits into two, forming two cores

Brick red tears trickle down her face like lightning

Light too harsh to the human’s feeble eyes; it’s blinding


All is well, all is well.

He comforts himself as well.

He has to stay as cool as ice, or more like Bramwell

Hard as Boss K, he has to break free from the HGIC shell.

No matter who he loses. He will always have Samuel.

Oh yes, Samuel and his artistic bell.

Soon he will be taking a plunge into a South African well.

In order to survive, he has to morph into a whale.

Or else he will be dancing to a seductive tune in hell.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi


Drink that saved nine.

Flummoxed!! Bewilderment clouded his mind day and night

His mind divorced his entire body denying him sight

Like a prisoner with a life sentence, he begged God to free him if He might.

He meandered the face of the Earth seeking the smallest bite

From the forbidden fruit, so may he glide swiftly like a kite.


Who was to blame for this inconceivable pain?

Such a jammy lad who possessed all; nothing neoteric  to gain

Could it be the six blossoms that he slain?

Nature contrivanced to flog him, in her arms sat a burgundy cain

Two roads leading to the honey-comb yellowed sun, the wider one being the main.


Big black bear roaring, “She’s mine!”

Pacing. Racing, chasing past the pine

Time is running out, he has to get his chatels in line

Should he reach the river in time, everything will be fine

For all that matters, is that one swill. A drink that will save nine.

-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.



And then I fall in love with you all over again,

The touch of a button sparks off the rush, feelings, memories.

My heart beats a little faster, my eyes begin to tear up, my face red.


Where the deepest corners of my soul are revealed,

The thoughts of my mind echoed,

My dreams and hopes achieved,

The escape in this insanely crazy world,

I found that redemption with you.

I fell in love with you through music.

-Red Art by Winkles.


Chronicles of a deviant with no soul

Beautiful leeching sins have taken a toll

Villagers want to string him to a poll

A cyborg feels no love.


Let me tell you the whole story.

Then you will bend your knee and say “sorry”.

He once harboured love the size of a lorry

Flora and fauna of love covered his territory.

A cyborg feels no love.


He gave out his love for weeks

The deepest secrets began to leak

Despite feeling vulnerable, he dispensed off the idea of being weak

Extremely evident that love was making him meek.

A cyborg feels no love.


He is I and I am him.

This is the untold story so it seems

A True and long lasting love is all but a myth

Now I am left with all these emotions to trim


A cyborg feels no love.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.


I inject my heart and mind into this

Your soul, oh my words wish to kiss.

Ohema, I am your Kenyan Prince.

My princess, you mash up my mind like mince


I’m deeply in love with you.

I have felt this way for very few.

You are my entire crew,

My red, yellow and blue.

All these tests of love we have been through,

My sincerest love for you is due.

Ohema, for years to come, you are my boo


I write this cause I miss you,

It hurts so much if only you knew.

Wanting the other girls? EW!!

No more biting more than I can chew.

Ohema, for years to come, you are my glue.


Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.