Still Waters

Moments with you are in comparison to a river.

Through the years of meandering,

Nature yet provides us with still waters

Clear, ravenous still waters busking in the equatorial atmosphere


With you, time stops.

And for that moment all that we have is that moment

It sprouts, matures and ages like red wine

Its as though nothing else matters,

Other than that moment

I dread the trauma that follows shortly after it ceases

I know this feeling is not alright

Neither are the thoughts of offering my heart what it wants.

But that is a plate for another night.

For tonight, I think we’re gonna be alright. 🙂



-Red art by Kelvin M. Mwangi.              (Alot of this body of work was majorly influenced by Mac Miller. May God rest his soul in Peace. We love and miss you.)


Soundtracks -RedArt Poetry.

Tears of a wolf

Landing like lightning,

Exploding like a fragmentation grenade to provide precipitation…

Costs of being a part

Of life’s very own infinite cycle.


Torn away from the grasps of Religion,

Only for a plunge in the roar sauce of life

Truth is; you just wanted to dance and be happy as the Disney birds

And now the world is your dance floor.


The sound of an impatient knock permeates your longingly adored tranquility.

Despite you being the sole owner of your fate,

All in all has been laid on the table for you

Pick and orchestrate your prosperity.

On the bleachers there are the loud encouraging chants,

And the quiet ones.



-RedArt by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.