Clench the painting brush like a spoon

Carol’s portrait is expected soon

Bosom tighter than inflated Turkish balloons

Not seen such a dame in five moons

Why blame her? She was born in June.


The teacher arrives at noon

His face identical to a baboon.

“What is this?” he drops his signature tune

His breathe similar to that of a raccoon

Whether you are a Rock, Osei, Kel or snow white; no one is immune

To the big black blind cartoon

“Wish he dies out in the moon.”

Thoughts of Goofy the Goon

Named  EL. Kun

For the love of rhymes- Kelvin Mark Mwangi



Drink that saved nine.

Flummoxed!! Bewilderment clouded his mind day and night

His mind divorced his entire body denying him sight

Like a prisoner with a life sentence, he begged God to free him if He might.

He meandered the face of the Earth seeking the smallest bite

From the forbidden fruit, so may he glide swiftly like a kite.


Who was to blame for this inconceivable pain?

Such a jammy lad who possessed all; nothing neoteric  to gain

Could it be the six blossoms that he slain?

Nature contrivanced to flog him, in her arms sat a burgundy cain

Two roads leading to the honey-comb yellowed sun, the wider one being the main.


Big black bear roaring, “She’s mine!”

Pacing. Racing, chasing past the pine

Time is running out, he has to get his chatels in line

Should he reach the river in time, everything will be fine

For all that matters, is that one swill. A drink that will save nine.

-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.



And then I fall in love with you all over again,

The touch of a button sparks off the rush, feelings, memories.

My heart beats a little faster, my eyes begin to tear up, my face red.


Where the deepest corners of my soul are revealed,

The thoughts of my mind echoed,

My dreams and hopes achieved,

The escape in this insanely crazy world,

I found that redemption with you.

I fell in love with you through music.

-Red Art by Winkles.