Voice of A Refugee #Poetry

All is lost within my possession

No shoulder to lean on

No place to lie on when I want to

Escape into the world of dreams.

Nothing is left for me in this reality

The world is blind to our pain

And deaf to our unceasing sorrow.



-RedArt by Kelvin >



OBLIVION #poetry

She grabs your hand and drags you along

“Come and follow me!”

Her face adorned with a grand smile that usually brings her fame

They both enjoy the journey so much

They Both forget where they are going to in the first place

Will it be disruptive if he asked where they going to?

No seriously brother, do you remember where the final point is?

Time is most definitely not waiting for any man let alone the two of them.

The bus stops for no one on the highway, let alone for the two of them.

What must happen then?

When does it even end?

These questions draw no responses especially from the two of them.


-RedArt by Kelvin Mark Mwangi.