I made a conscious choice to pierce my ears

I should have anticipated the shocking reaction from my peers

“Dude! I would never do that to my ears!”

Condemnation and damnation of my soul is all I could hear

Oh me, oh my, I found myself pierced by fear.


Let us talk about fear

I once had a friend named Priya

She had sexual relations with her friend named Cynthia

How Priya wished she could keep Cynthia near……

Problem is; they lived in a country named India

They could not express their passion here, there nor here!

Succumbing to fear, they exiled themselves to Virginia.


No one I know has more tattoos than Tom

Funny how he is the darkest being back at home.

So Tom once met a white lady named Selorm.

They had an instant connection and love begun to form.

Selorm decided to take Tom back at home in Rome

Shockingly, Tom was welcomed with a chrome to his dome

Just because he is black, and Africa is where he is from.


-Red Art by Kelvin Mark Mwangi